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Nearly 200 professionals attend Biocat technical workshops

Biotreatments: research and innovation for sustainable development (8 June, Barcelona) and New pre-clinical animal models for more efficient research (13 October, Lleida) were the topics of the two technical workshops organized by Biocat in 2011 in order for professionals to discover new approaches and discuss their various experiences and points of view on these two emerging topics in the scientific arena. The 2011 program also included the workshop Challenges and Risks of Research in Advanced Therapies, which in the end was postponed until January 2012.

Is Catalonia innovating in environmental biotechnology? What are we doing with regard to the main applications of biotreatments like waste, water, soil and air? What have we achieved in recent years? Are we aware of the future challenges and needs for sustainable development? These were some of the questions posed by researchers, businesspeople and professionals from biotechnology companies at the workshop on biotreatments, organized in collaboration with the CTM Centre Tecnològic de Manresa.

The workshop on new animal models, the first to be held in Lleida, received collaboration from the Lleida Agri-Food Science and Technological Park and the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida, and focused on optimizing the use of pre-clinical models in various areas of research and the new alternatives available (biologic and transgenic rodents, pigs, aquatic models and Drosophila) that are being used in order to apply the best model at each stage.

In 2011, 186 professionals from the sector participated in Biocat’s technical workshops.

Technical workshop on biotreatments at Colet Museum in Barcelona.