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Biocapsules consolidated after three editions

Biocat promotes initiatives to cover unmet needs on the interfaces of knowledge that range from science to business, convinced that in order to move forward in innovation we must invest in highly trained and qualified human capital. The Biocapsules program is a training initiative that offers an introduction to managing biotechnology and medical technology companies, addressing one of Biocat’s strategic priorities, providing a program adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs and technicians from various companies in the sector with a background in science that are taking on management roles. This program receives support from ACC1Ó.

The program —which offered five sessions from April to June in the third edition, held in 2011— aims to reinforce strategic and transversal knowledge in different business areas in which weaknesses have been detected, particularly in the growth phase, when participants need to cover new areas of strategic business management and decision making.

One hundred professionals from the sector participated in the one-day sessions with an approach that combines theory and practice, focusing on key success factors: business development, negotiation, strategic communication, leading highly qualified teams, and managing intellectual property. This training allows participants to apply the knowledge obtained immediately in their daily responsibilities.

One hundred professionals from the sector participated in the 2011 Biocapsules program.