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Training and talent

Developing and attracting talent is key to the growth and competitiveness of the BioRegion of Catalonia and its stakeholders, particularly in the area of start-ups that come out of scientific settings. Thinking, above all, of entrepreneurs from the research arena, Biocat designs and carries out training activities in key areas of business management, with programs adapted to the needs of the sector, like the Biocapsules, which in 2011 saw its third edition, with demand surpassing the number of spots available.

Halfway between training and scientific debate, the Biocat technical workshops —three of which were organized in 2011— provide a meeting place for researchers and businesspeople focusing on new technical developments in biotechnology and biomedicine.

Finally, it must be noted that in late 2011 a specific section on the Biocat website ( was created where companies in the BioRegion can contact internship programs from universities that offer training in the life sciences and thus find students to work as interns in companies that need them. Although the basic regulations are the same, each educational center has established a different mechanism for internship agreements. Biocat helps companies access the relevant information on each center and internship program.

Summer School on Medicines hosts 50 participants in Barcelona

Representatives from the organizing bodies and participants in the SSM3 in front of the Barcelona Science Park.

Additionally, in 2011 Biocat once again collaborated on organizing the Summer School on Medicines (SSM3) with the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), Oncopole and the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse, the Montréal in Vivo cluster and University of Montreal. The partners from Quebec joined this training program on drug development, which was held for the third consecutive year, extending the global reach of both professors and students. The SSM3 sessions were held in Barcelona from 11 to 22 July with a total of 50 students and active participation from a dozen pharmaceutical companies.