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A commitment to the future

When the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council promoted the creation of Biocat in 2006, the aim was to address the need for coordination expressed by the system’s stakeholders —universities, research centers, hospitals, science parks, companies, etc.— and make a decided commitment to develop a knowledge-based economy.

Five years later, this 2011 Biocat Year-End Report —with its summary of noteworthy activities and results, from the ample Catalan presence at benchmark fairs like BIO Washington to the presentation of the second Biocat Report— shows us that this commitment was the right one and that we are starting to see the fruit of work carried out over this time by a devoted team. Biocat has been able to align wills, to generate projects to improve and structure the system, and to respond to the needs of researchers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople, as well as creating a sense of belonging and identification with the BioRegion.

The successes and positive results of 2011 can't allow us to forget, however, the difficult situation we are experiencing, which naturally affects both our companies and our research system. For this reason, strategic initiatives, like active Catalan participation in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) that Biocat is promoting, are so significant because they connect us with the Europe of knowledge and innovation in order to build the Catalonia of the future together.

M. Hble. Sr. Artur Mas
President of the Government of Catalonia and president of the Biocat Board of Trustees

Drive and commitment

With the results at hand —good turnout at the Forum and international events, the consolidation of our International Center for Scientific Debate (B·Debate), the second edition of the Biocat Report, the continuity and high turnout in our training programs, etc.— we can say that 2011 has been a good year.

But the process through which these results have been achieved hasn’t been without its difficulties. 2011 has been a year of budget cuts that have forced us to restructure our team, with all of the challenges that this entails. The drive and commitment of everyone that comprises the Biocat project has allowed us to tackle and overcome these difficulties. The drive and commitment of everyone who is building the BioRegion day by day with their effort —entrepreneurs, businesspeople, researchers, scientific managers, investors, etc.— is what inspires us.

Furthermore, there are projects —ranging from a multinational landing in Catalonia to a bid for the EIT— that require a long cooking time over low heat before they yield results that could be included in this report. As there are also many personalized support and guidance activities to which we must devote many, many hours regardless of the end user of the projects we review. But this invisibility can’t stop us, quite the contrary, it must spur us on to keep generating and driving strategic projects.

Dr. Montserrat Vendrell
Biocat CEO